~ Do you only host parties for kids?

Yes; however, we do some teen parties as well.

~ Is a Deposit required?

YES. A $75 Deposit is required in order to secure your requested date and time. This deposit will be deducted from the total amount on the actual party date.

~ What if my child gets ill or I need to cancel the party. Is the deposit refundable?

NO. The Deposit is NON Refundable. We have scheduled that time for your event and unable to schedule someone in your time slot. We can also reschedule your party for another date that is convenient for you. If new invitations, food and beverage are needed, an additional fee may apply.

~ What if there is inclement weather?

In the event of severe weather making it unsafe for us to travel to your event,The Royal Party Room reserves the right to reschedule the party.

~ What’s the Maximum number of children for a party?

The maximum is 25 girls including the Birthday Girl.

* Each additional party guest over 12 girls is $25 per child. (This count does NOT include the birthday girl)

~ Are there any exceptions for larger parties and is there a special rate for larger parties?

YES. The Royal Party Room understands that sometimes we cannot help the guest list. If we receive a timely request, we are likely to be able to make provisions to accomodate the guest list; therefore we can discuss a special venue and a special rate for parties larger than 25.

* Please inquire about guest amount and options *

~ If a child doesn’t show up, do I still pay for that child?

Yes, For each party theme our parties are standard fees for the group of 12 girls + The Birthday Girl. We have preordered a cake, crafts, treats and other items for your party. We encourage you to invite your total number of guests included in your package to enjoy the celebration with your birthday girl!

~ Are Outside Parties an option?

Outside Parties aren’t usually optional, due to the unpredictable Texas weather. During Fall and Spring seasons, certain parties may be permitted.

~ ALL inside parties require air conditioning during warm/hot seasons and heat during the cool/cold seasons.

* Please note, the more children and grown ups you have in attendance, the warmer it will get in your location! A few hours before your guests arrive, please lower your temperature so not only are the children comfortable, but the grown ups as well!!! *

~ Are Food / Drinks permitted during parties?

Yes, order or provide whatever food and drink you would like

~ Is a Parking Space in front of the home required?

Please block a space for The Royal Party Room in your driveway or in the front of your home or venue.

~ Are Food, Cake, Decor and Invitations included?

During the party The Royal Party Room serves 1 turkey delicatessen sandwich, fresh fruit and also a sparkling juice drink for the children. We encourage you to offer any additional food to the children during their refreshment break. This will take place just before we serve the birthday cake.

Our premium cakes can be added on to your party plus save you time for only $35

The Royal Party Room will have a lovely table setting with chairs adorned in satin chair covers and sashes for decor for the party table. We will make use of our additional tables for added party needs that will also be beautifully decorated.

In addition, we provide a themed backdrop to create the scene. We do not provide any other forms of decorations. Please feel free to add any additional decorations to the party.

**Invitations are also provided for your party and will be mailed to your home or hand delivered to your home depending on allowed itime.

~How sanitary are the beauty products and spa products?

Each child will have their own makeup application tools for their lips. The Spa tools and accessories are sanitized after each party prepared for the next.

~ Do we keep the costumes and accessories after the party?

No, our costumes are laundered and/or dry cleaned after each party to be used again. The accessories, crowns, spa robes, headbands and feather boas can be used the duraction of the entire party; however, those are not keepsake items. We use those items repeatedly for each and every birthday party. Each party guest will have keepsakes to take home –each theme offers different take home items.

~ How early or late may I begin and end my party?

Parties may be scheduled as early as 10:30 am and the latest time a party should end is 11 pm.

~ Does The Royal Party Room accept personal checks?

For the deposit, we can accept a Personal Check, Credit Card , Cashier’s Check, and money orders. For the balance, we prefer Cash, Credit card, money orders or a Cashier’s Check.

~ Do you provide Music?

YES. We provide themed music pertaining to the party. We have a Boom Box for party use. If you prefer using your home system, please let us know in advance.

~ How far in advance should we book a party?

The sooner the better! Some weekends book quicker than others, so the sooner you send in your Deposit, the sooner your date and time will be locked in!

~ Can I book a Last Minute Party?

YES. If we have the availability, then you can book it!

~ Do you come to our location or do you have a location?

The Royal Party Room is a mobile party company. We will come to your home or the venue of your choice.

~Do you travel outside of Dallas, Ft. Worth to host parties?

Yes, we will travel outside of DFW.

~ How far will you travel?

We are located North of McKinney. We will travel to any part of the Dallas- Fort Worth area. We will also travel outside of the DFW area.
If your location is more than 30 miles outside of 75409 in North Dallas, TX these travel fees apply:
Over 30-49 miles : $25.00 50+ miles : Please Call



~ What is included in your parties?

Everything listed on the descriptions is included.

~ What is needed for parties?

The following items are needed : Space where we will set up your party, preferably all to be held in one room. Large furniture pieces do take up space and it is best to move as much furniture as possible out of the party area. Additional items are needed as well: Sink and Warm Water Access in kitchen and bathroom / Electrical Outlets are also needed.

~ What should the girls wear if it is a Dress Up Party?

Depending on which Dress Up Party, will determine on what they should wear. Spa / Girly Party : Comfortable and Light Clothes as in Pajamas, Shorts or leggins & Tee Shirt

For the Diva Party,and Pop/Rock Party: Leggings & Leotard or Leggings & Tee Shirt. Princess / Princess Dress Up Party , Fairy,and Barbie party : Leggings with a Leotard or Leggings & Tee Shirt.

~ How many Party Room Hostesses come to the party?

There are typically 2 to 3 hostesses
* Confirming the amount of children is VERY important due to this issue.

~ Are Gift Bags included?

Each party theme includes a keepsake craft for each party guest. Each theme calls for a different type of keepsake craft to take home. We do offer party favors that can be added on to your party. We will put together 13 bags with 7 items per bag to take home for each child for $40

~ How long do the events last?

2 hours

~ Are boys welcomed as a guest of the party?

Yes. The Royal Party Room presently offers some pirate, knight and king costumes that are matched with the Enchanted Princess party theme.

~ I am shopping around and have found lower prices on similar party services. Why should I consider using The Royal Party Room?

We believe in focusing solely on providing beautiful party events for children whose parents envision something magical too. Our events are absolutely fun, pretty and completely focused on the kids! We leave no stone unturned. We are focused on one client, not on volume. We love to work with the clients that appreciate professionalism, polished parties and clients that are looking for something unique and memorable for their child.

~ Is gratuity included?

No, gratuity is not included. Please feel free to add gratuity to your balance if you feel your hostesses have performed beyond your expectations.